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Philip Hershberger

Born:  Hesston, KS, 1933

Current Residence:  Topeka, KS


Phil is a Topeka based artist and has lived and worked in Topeka for many years.  He received a B.F.A. with Honors, majoring in painting, from Emporia State University in 1977.  In 1979 he received his M.A., majoring in painting, from Emporia State University.  His influences include:  Richard Slimon, David Hockney and Jim Dine.  He has also recieved many honors including:  The National Endowment for the Arts, 1987, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Purchase Exhibition and Purchase Award, 1987, The Kansas Governor's Art Award, 1999, and the United States Department of State Art in Emassies Program, 2004 to present.  His work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums throught the United States and is in many public and private collections.


"Philip Hershberger's...work is very mysterious.  It's like looking into a room, seeing what's here now, but also seeing the "ghosts" of things that have been and gone.  Like if you moved the furiture around, but the furniture's former places remained visible.  As if you can see through the walls as well as the window. Or you could see memories.  Like someone has been here and left, but the scent of their perfume still lingers."

- Sherry Best, exhibit curator, The Topeka Public Library, The Sabatini Gallery -


"Philip Hershberger...creates images of interiors, sometimes with exterior views through a window, which may be read litterally or metaphorically.  The objects within each scene seem to be part story, but the absence of figures imparts an eerie quality, as if things have been interrupted.  The indeterminacy of Hershberger's paintings invites the viewer's contemplation, and the artist in fact encourages us to interpret the paintings through the filter of our own experience."

- Mulvane Art Museum -


Artist Statement



"I want to create a scene in a space that is not tied down to a specific time.  There are things that are there and not quite there.  I'm playing those opposite things off each other: land and sky, object and space."

- Phil Hershberger -



Day and Night
Day and Night

Day and Night, 1986

Medium:  4 Color Lithograph

Edition:  10

Paper:  Arches Cover, White

Paper Size:  23" x 31"

Image Size:  Same

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