Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1949

Resides: McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania

Nick Bubash’s work defied traditional assumptions of the separation between “high” and “low” art.  While he currently supports himself by working full-time in a tattoo parlor, Bubash was trained as a sculptor at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and he produces work in a variety of media.  Drawing on his experiences traveling and studying in India, Bubash creates what he calls “multi-denominational” work that crosses cultural and religious boundaries in the same way that his styles combine formal and popular techniques.

Bubash studied art and philosophy at Pennsylvania State University and textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  In 1989 he graduated with honors from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, having studied sculpture and graphics.  He was awarded a Henry J. Schiedt Memorial Traveling Scholarship, which supported his initial time in India.

Artist Statement

“My father is Croatian probably Turkish, my mother is Sicilian, a descendent of Sephardics, my wife and my children and family are Irish, my brother is Italian and Spanish and my sister married a Pole, a German, and a Hungarian one each, my neighbors are African and Icelandic, my dog is Maltese, my cats are from Siam and I am reincarnated from India, my food is Algerian with bread from France, nuts from Brazil, tea from China and coffee from Hawaii and Columbia, my watch and cheese are Swiss and my caviar is Russian, my car is Japanese, my shoes Bolivian, my shirt Pakistan, my carpets are Persian, my dishes and my radio are from Mexico, my silverware and language are English, the children’s toys from Taiwan, my kijerdoo is Aborginal, I am an extremist by nature, my religion is fundamentalist by choice but my rabbi is Baptist, I wear the skin of a Maori and my art is at least in part if not completely a result of the criss/cross of the above.”

– Nick Bubash –