Born:  Bronxville, New York, 1942

Resides:  Florida

Although he is known primarly as a sculptor, Robert Stackhouse is also a prolific painter and printmaker.  His images and structures frequently have the transcendental quality of things long dead rising to a new and higher form.  A ship’s skeleton from the bottom of the sea may take on cathedral-like characteristics in a gallery space or the open air.  Archetypal creatures such as snakes or whales also inhabit his work.

Stackhouse received his B.A. from the University of South Florida at Tampa in 1965 and completed his M.A. at the University of Maryland at College Park in 1967.

Artist Statement

“I arrive at my themes intuitively, I never made the effort to link ships and serpents with the image of a Viking serpent-boat.  The link happened as I worked.  For about a year, there have been no new images.  I’ve come to the end of that evolution…I make sculptures to give myself something to paint…I think of them as ideas or as questions, not just as records of things that I built.”

– Robert Stackhouse –