TomHuckResides:  St. Louis, Missouri

Tom received his B.F.A. in Drawing from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and his M.F.A. in printmaking from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.  He currently lives in St. Louis, MO where he owns and operated Evil Prints press.  He is also a lecturer at Washington University.

Artist Statement

“My work deals with personal observations about the experiences of living in a small town in southeast Missouri.  The often strange and humorous occurrences, places, and people in these towns offer a never-ending source of inspiration for my prints.  I call this work  “rural satire.”   My work has been influenced by an array of artists, amoung them the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer, the etchings of Warrington Colescott, nearly all of the German Expressionsts, and the late great Frank Zappa.  The images come from either personal accounts or local folklore from my hometown of Potosi, Missouri.”

-Tom Huck-